3 Peas in a Pod 他她他 Movie Premiere and Review – A MICHELLE CHONG FILM

8 November, 2013

















My after-thoughts on 3 Peas in a Pod Movie Premiere – <>

Let me be brutally honest. I didn’t expect this movie to be so thoughtful. The simple movie poster and YouTube trailers offered me the impression that this could be one of those sickeningly-sweet films with a safe and predictable ending. Is this along the lines of the kind of soap opera-esque drama, that you might mindlessly watch while texting on the phone and listening to music, only occasionally turning your attention to the screen for the eye candy? Not at all! I don’t think anyone in the theatre saw this coming.

The show opens with the youths strolling around on my old stomping grounds, University of Melbourne. You very quickly learn the identities of each character and laugh a little at them as they play it out on screen (we all secretly see a bit of ourselves in them). They decide to go on a road trip after graduation, which of course, as any Melbourne University student has done, involves the picturesque Grampians and Great Ocean Road. I really spent so much of my life in these places, and anyone who has too spent time in Australia will find in these scenes a piece of their heart as I did. Sweeping panoramas of the gorgeous Australian landscape is captured and justified by beautiful camera work, and the audience sits comfortably in their movie seat, riding along with the characters on this special trip. Michelle Chong’s script is beyond boy-meets-girl – it is brave and witty with so many parts of the story, making the rest of the journey a not-so-standard holiday.

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The triple threat cast brimming with teenage good looks definitely executed Michelle Chong’s script to its finest detail, and they each achieved a harmonious mix of superstar material while still staying relatable. I have so much respect for the three young actors as they each delivered genuine performances, despite not being professional actors. Calvin Chen and Alexander Lee Eusebio are popsters from their respective countries, Taiwan and Korea, while 22-year old sales assistant turned lead female actress Jae Liew had no acting experience before! She switched immaculately between Mandarin and American-accented English and was heartwarming to watch. As the plot grows thick, I relish the sharpness of the characters as the audience gets to know them. I won’t ruin the road trip, so watch it and you’ll see what I mean – Expect self-discovery, cheekiness, freedom, hurt, and humor.

I truly recommend this movie for anyone who’s young, or doesn’t mind a throwback to their youth. I definitely found a ton of deja vus flooding back into my memory bank, and I’m sure you’ll feel the same too.

If by the end of the movie you’re not mentally planning your next trip to Australia, you’ll at least be reminiscing about your antics in school!



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Thank you so much for having me at the premiere, it was so nice to see so many old friends and familiar faces!

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