2011 New Year “Resolutions”

4 January, 2011

Happy new 2011 year! It feels like something has died, and I shudder/groan/cringe as I embrace the inevitable change with mixed feelings and a pounding headache.

What have I achieved? What had I wanted to achieve?
Never mind how many, but what friends have I made and what good friends have I kept?
Have I become a generally better person, or gotten lazy and fat?


So many questions I hoped to have answered, have still gone unanswered.

Yup, headache’s still here.

Are “new year resolutions” a checklist template of like, 10 items I’m supposed to be setting myself up to achieve and “resolve” by the end of “the new year”?

I’m sitting down in front of my Mac Pro with a blank screen – but I can’t make a whole YEAR of new year resolutions in a DAY. (Anyone else has this problem?)

It’s probably going to take even LONGER to fulfill them.

Things definitely don’t and can’t change OVERNIGHT.
A new year means so many meaningful things to me, and remembering all the milestones of the year brings back an ocean of emotions, tears and cheers.

Some of the ups and downs, highlights of my 2010 experience is:

– At least 200,000 photos
– A few attempts at a video
– Baking with dad
– Brunches with girlfriends
– Break-ups with ex-boyfriends
– Falling asleep while learning to drive (Estelle fail)
– The gloomy recession
– My dad finally getting a job after bring retrenched in the recession
– My younger brother Thadd leaving Singapore for London
– The death and depart of a family member
– Drinking lots and drinking less
– Clubbing lots and clubbing lots more … and then not clubbing at all
– Losing some had-been good friends but strengthening bonds with would-be others
– Made decisions who I want to keep in my life or delete from Facebook
– Ending my stint in the media and starting a new career path in an industry I had no idea about
– Enjoying new career stint that I still have little idea about
– Met someone in new career stint who I adored as he played my mentor
– Travelling 6 destinations in 3 months
– Visiting Ireland and using EUROs for the first time in my life
– Starting a blog
– Joined one blogging competition
– Winning a sponsored media holiday trip from OMY SG and Royal Caribbean for being their top 10 bloggers as part of that competition
– Tried dating
– Gave up dating
– Wondered why I’m date-less?
– Realizing how much volunteering to help anyone else besides myself possibly was the best thing I could have done (for myself)
– Attended New Creation church more regularly
– Joining Tuesday group, having Tuesday friends and receiving a whole new world of love.



Another year for cleansing
Another year for change
Another year, another slate
Another year, another chance
Another year I need God’s protection
Another year for new prayer requests
Another year another shot to get it right, mess it up, and then try all over again.

Psalm 65:11
You crown the year with your bounty, and your carts overflow with abundance.


Will 2011 be any different?

I still don’t know… All I know is that among all the change, my Jesus Christ is the only constant.

So I hope whoever reads this will have a blessed, better, abundant new year – because HE is THAT good.

Happy new year to everyone who has been a friend in 2010 or will be a friend in 2011 🙂

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