1st week after resignation/of being jobless

5 August, 2012


Hi follower/friend/freedom-fighter,

Last week I enjoyed my last day working at Lantern rooftop bar at a 5-star hotel, where I spent the last 9 months taking care of guests, VIPs and regulars at the award-winning bar and hotel. I also helped to seek for sponsors, put together 2 all-new event series at Lantern, initiated new developments for generating revenue, and gave advice for social media and marketing strategies.
It was great and I learnt a lot.

So what am I doing now?

I’ve been building a few projects and will see where it takes me. Hopefully it will take me to making money!

Here’s a quick peek into my personal life, 1st week after resignation/of being jobless:
– Wrote one blog post
– Received 7 job offers
– Have had countless meetings for upcoming projects
– One epic 2hour Skype session
– Learning lots more about start ups, digital strategy and SEO
– Trying to figure out ways to make money (ethically and legally)
– Prayed a lot and ate a lot also
– Went running almost every day
– Spent the remaining time with family and 70% of it with my brother


I’m what CNN calls the Millennia generation – but I wouldn’t be here without your support. Thank you for reading me and I hope you will keep coming back for a dose on my love.

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