Friday night girlfriends… zero expectations evolve into exceeded expectations

4 December, 2010

-Friday night, 2.30am-

Just got home from a great night of nothing – starting with shopping and dinner with Devon and ending with sitting in Audrey’s house.

Just bought, begged and borrowed a whole lot of winter clothes, hats, boots and stuff to cover my ass for a winter wonderland.

Just came home to find a brand new 9700 white blackberry bold on my table.

Can life be any better/blessed? I think there’s an angel somewhere giving and getting me free stuff…

I’m going to call her my free angel!

PS: Anyone wants to buy this amazing white blackberry bold off me? Brand new, untouched. Really. Anyone??? Please pm me at

Need money to buy my friends Christmas presents!

Goodnighttt! Xoxo

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